Customer Service Skills

At KKNOW HOW, we've got you covered. With over 20 years in customer service training we can assess the skills of your team and create a solution to close the gaps.

Are your customer service reps meeting their KPI’s (# calls taken, hold times, efficient after-call work)?

Are your customer service reps up-selling and bundling your products and services?

How would you rate your customer service reps’ inbound and outbound phone skills (etiquette, need assessment/discovery, active listening, managing expectations, problem-solving, overcoming objections, complaint resolution)?

Do you need an efficient and effective way to onboard your customer service new hires?

  • We provide customized and field-tested Calling Frameworks that enable service professionals to knowledgeably engage customers, identify and handle a variety of problems with confidence and satisfy needs in a timely fashion.
  • ​​We accelerate learning and reinforce behavior changes by incorporating “real world” customer service calls and a variety of role play activities into the training to demonstrate techniques that work best and pitfalls to avoid.
  • We emphasize the need for dual competency and balance across the “hard” side of customer service (e.g., systems and software) and the “soft” side of customer service (e.g., attitude, tone of voice, empathy, customer facing skills).
  • We improve new hire productivity with our blended approach to onboarding customer service reps and managers giving you a better pay-back on your recruiting and hiring investment.
  • We are experts in sales training and will improve your teams' up-sell skills​ resulting in increased top-line revenue.
  • While selling is important, negotiating price is paramount to gross margin retention. KKNOW HOW uses the most highly validated approach to Business-with-Business® negotiation. The program enables professionals to achieve revenue objectives and strengthen customer relationships while maintaining company profit goals.
  • We help you empower your CSR's to improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition through the development of stronger connections with your customers ultimately improving customer loyalty.​​
  • ​We help teams better understand each other through our People Skills training. People Skills is focused on building Trust and Respect between people in the workplace, which is paramount to creating an environment where productivity is at its highest.


KKNOW HOW partners with your firm to ensure that training is aligned to a valid and unambiguous business strategy.
KKNOW HOW accurately identifies your company's unique strengths, values, standards, traditions and language to ensure that training provides maximum relevance, interest and content absorption.
KKNOW HOW prepares the leaders in your organization to optimize learning by communicating in advance their specific expectations for new on-the-job behaviors they will observe and measure after the training.