New Employee Onboarding

How much money would you save if you reached the break-even point of recouping your recruitment investment 50% FASTER by using our onboarding approach? KKNOW HOW provides a proven system that provides the following:

  • Customized job analysis accurately and comprehensively identifies competencies and observable learning objectives to inform all onboarding materials.
  • Manager’s Guide to onboarding new hires provides a step-by-step guide for managing the entire program including checklists of preparatory items that ensure new employees have the tools and knowledge to feel confident and begin learning the complex aspects of their job on Day One.
  • Personalized Learning Journal for the new hire empowers self-learning and ensures the new employee is mastering new tasks in a timely fashion. Includes FAQ’s and Acronym Glossary to demystify the company language and culture.
  • Proprietary method that strategically blends e-learning, self-study, instructor-led and on the job training in a Job-Specific 30/60/90-day plan to get new hires productive.
  • Objective tool for measuring the new employee’s adoption of the organizational culture and confidence to perform their job.
  • Guidance on creating a peer-mentoring buddy system that reinforces morale and retention of trainees during unusually challenging circumstances by assigning an experienced employee to provide perspective and encouragement.

KKNOW HOW is proud to partner with The Leadership Analytics Group to bring you DevelapMe™ an innovative mobile app that drives ramp-up time through real time competency feedback and coaching. All employees who participate in helping your new hire learn their job can provide constructive insight to help the new team member quickly learn their job. Click here for a 2 minute video overview.


KKNOW HOW partners with your firm to ensure that training is aligned to a valid and unambiguous business strategy.
KKNOW HOW accurately identifies your company's unique strengths, values, standards, traditions and language to ensure maximum relevance, interest and content absorption.
KKNOW HOW prepares the leaders in your organization to optimize learning by communicating in advance their specific expectations for new on-the-job behaviors they will observe and measure after the training.